Empower your skin & Reclaim your Radiance.


Urban living is dynamic and exciting, but it disrupts your cell’s regenerating system so skin isn’t as radiant and flawless as you want it to be.
Unlocking the "energy flow" within every cell is the secret to unlocking your radiant fairness.
Olay White Radiance has Skin Energizing Technology that transforms skin care to "cell care" by treating fairness issues where they start…at the cellular level. We tested it on millions of skin cells in-vitro, with close to 60,000 hours of accumulated testing on Asian women. It energizes your skin cells with more power so they regain their normal rate of skin metabolism. Your skin regains its power to maintain cell integrity, regulate melanin production, and even achieve its ideal water-lipid balance. Spots reduced, yellowness and uneven skin tone are reversed in just 4 weeks.
Day after day, week after week you’ll see spotless, radiant, translucent fairness revealed when you use Olay White Radiance.