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  • Olay Natural White 7 IN ONE Hydrating Glow Toner

    Its light texture helps to improve your skin’s natural glow by providing hydration to your skin with a refreshing feel.

  • Olay White Radiance CelLucent Essence Water

    Contains highly concentrated CelLucent Complex:
    • Penetrates the skin surface to help reduce melanin formation
    • Lightens spots for translucent fairness
    • Hydrates and moisturizes skin

  • Olay Total Effects 7 in One Pore Minimizing Toner

    A wipe-off toner that hydrates and removes old surface skin cells helping to reduce the appearance of pores and reveal clear, smooth and even skin tone.
    Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water.

  • Olay Aquaction Deep Hydrating Dew

    Formulated with multiple mineral ingredients like cuprum, zinc and magnesium similar to those in natural hot springs and plant extracts. This toner provides skin with nutrients and deeply* moisturizes skin. It also helps skin to lock hydration, while continuously supplying moisture to give skin long-lasting hydration**.

    *in the epidermis layer
    ** up to 12 hours
    Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with water.